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Infinity Scarf – Make One Out of a Regular Scarf

INFINITY SCARF – No tying. No fussing. No scrunching! Just double it and hang it around your neck. Make an INFINITY SCARF with any regular scarf you already have at home. It’s sooooo easy and cheap.     Take the two ends of the scarf and sew them together by hand. See, I told you, easy [...]

Fireflies in a Jar – Summertime Fun with Glow Sticks and a Mason Jar – Light up the Night!

  Back home in Georgia, when the hot sun went down, fireflies were everywhere. They’d zip around and make a light show that rivals the one at Stone Mountain. Catching “lightning bugs” kept us young’uns busy for hours many a summer night. We’d poke holes in the top and watch for hours. Here, in New [...]

Snowman Soup or Hot Chocolate Snowman Idea – Fun for Young’uns and the Young at Heart!

This is called Hot Chocolate Snowman Soup. Fun for the young’uns and the young at heart. Here’s a list of what you’ll need: 1 packet of hot chocolate mix (or you can make it from scratch) whipped cream chocolate chips candy corn (you can find these at specialty candy stores if it isn’t Halloween) Let [...]

Rose Cupcakes – Red Hot Rosettes for Valentine’s Day

            Everything’s coming up Roses for Valentine’s Day! These Red Rose Cupcakes are easy as pie and perfect for your sweetheart. Red Rose Cupcakes: Ingredients: cherry or strawberry fruit leather (Roll-ups) – Be sure to get the ones WITHOUT the tattoos on them. I found out the hard way. You [...]

Root Beer Float with Whipped Cream and Pink Sparkle Sauce in Hillbilly Crystal!

  Scoop ice cream in mug or pretty glass (you don’t have to just use vanilla. We’ve used chocolate chip with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. Also, butter pecan topped with caramel. You can use the spray can of whipped cream or Cool Whip scooped into a zip-top baggie with a tiny end snipped off.   [...]

Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas are Red Hot. Ready to Get This Party Started?

    Hey y’all. We all know Valentine’s Day is a great day to say “I love you.” You can also show your love with a festive party or just a cute, little table decorated for those you love. Look here for some fun, festive ideas that your family will love. Cross my heart. On this tabletop, I [...]

Peppermint Snow – Great Gift Idea You Can Make at Home – Cheap!

    Peppermint Snow You can Make at Home: Make your own Peppermint Snow at home with an old jar and some candy. Wrap a pretty red ribbon around it and you have a great teacher, hostess or Secret Santa gift. Peppermint Snow sells at specialty stores for over $10 for a 6-ounce jar. But, you can make it at [...]

Peppermint Stick Vase – Decorate with Candy this Christmas for a Red Hot Tabletop!

  Here’s how you can use old-fashioned candy with a new-fangled twist. Decorate with style on a budget using Peppermint Sticks and Candy Canes.     I found something I already had in the basement – this rose-filled vase I bought many moons ago at Michael’s. You can use silk or fresh flowers in any [...]

Snow Globe in a Mason Jar – Wet or Dry – Make a Cute Craft Using a Southern Favorite

Snow Globe Mason Jars – Wet or Dry Here is the Dry Snow Globe    And, here’s how your snow globe will look if you choose the wet version.    Ingredients for Wet Snow Globe Mason Jar above:     Snow Globe in Mason Jar Southerners love Mason Jars. We use them for canning, Redneck Wine Glasses, planters, [...]

Cornucopia – How To Make a Beautiful Holiday Centerpiece with Bread Sticks and Tin Foil

 Cornucopia Centerpiece from Debbie Hallinan   How to Make a Beautiful Cornucopia for your Holiday Table: This Cornucopia took center stage at our Holiday table today. Our good friends Debbie and Kevin are the closest thing we have to family here in New England. They invited us for Thanksgiving Dinner and this was the centerpiece at her pretty table all [...]