Hey, y’all! I’m fixin’ to show you how to make Hillbilly Crystal. Also known as Redneck Wine Glasses. They are inexpensive, easy and darn CUTE!


 Okay, ya ready? All you need  are: small mason jars, glass glue, glass candlesticks from Dollar Tree (oops, forgot to put ‘em this photo) and cotton swabs.


Begin by washing and drying your glassware. Then, spread a moderate amount of glass glue onto your cotton swab.


 Line the glass glue onto the rim of the candlestick. Try not to use too much. Wipe away excess.


Press the two together. Make sure the mason jar is centered in the middle of the candlestick. Place something kinda heavy on top to weigh it down. Place it in a cool, dry place (where it won’t get knocked over) and allow to dry overnight. Make sure glue is dry and is holding before use.


Have a great time drinking Sweet Tea or your drink of choice in these fun, funky Hillbilly Crystal Goblets. Y’all come back now, ya hear?
Love, Cindy

P.S. Thank you Maria! She’s Tim’s coworker who has my back. She’s always giving me great ideas for the blog. Maria, you rock!!! Love, Cindy

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  1. Joan Hayes@chocolate and more on the May 10, 2012 remarked #

    Cindy, these are too cute!

  2. Natalie on the May 10, 2012 remarked #

    Love these! Keep seeing them around town – and they aren’t cheap. Might have to make them for a bridal shower we are hosting next month!

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